Thursday, October 6, 2022

Nepali youth becomes coach of American Taekwondo United National Team


Pennsylvania, (US), 25 August (2022) - Anmol Gorkhali, a 22-year-old Nepali youth, has achieved a name as tempting as his name in American sports. Mr. Gorkhali is from Butwal and appointed as the coach of the national team of American Taekwondo United (ATU). He is the first Nepali to become a coach in the American Taekwondo national team. He is also the youngest coach in American Taekwondo United (ATU).

ATU officially announced the name of its national team two days ago. Anmol Gorkhali's name is also included in the list of 16 players and three coaches. However, this team has already played in the Pan-Am President's Cup.

Anmol is an instructor at Everest Taekwondo School in the state of Michigan. Everest Taekwondo was founded by Love Gorkhali, Anmol's father. Love Gorkhali is a former coach of Nepal Taekwondo Association and National Sports Council. Anmol, who started playing taekwondo from Everest, is now the coach of that school.

The ATU National Championship was held last May in Atlanta, USA. Players and coaches are selected for the national team based on the performance of the players in the championship. More than two thousand players participated in the championship. Out of 28 athletes participating in Everest Taekwondo, 14 won gold. Four of those players were selected in the ATU national team. There is a competition for the team trial among the players who win gold. The best players make it to the national team. The other two coaches selected for the ATU national team are of Korean origin.

There are three major structures of Taekwondo in America. USA Taekwondo, Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo (AAUT) and American Taekwondo United (ATU). USA Taekwondo is the official body of American Taekwondo. Two other organizations have also been working for Taekwondo development. Officially, USA Taekwondo represents the United States in international sports. But AAU and ATU have been working in their own field in player production. Three organizations organize their own national competition and form national teams. ATU also participates in invitational tournaments in various countries outside the US.

A player can participate in the tournament organized by all the three organizations. The Everest athlete had earlier also achieved success in the AAU Junior Olympics in North Carolina. Also see (Three athletes from Taekwondo school run by Nepali coach selected for US national team). The players selected in the national team of AAU have also achieved success in ATU. Along with the players, the trainees also got a chance to make history.
“I am happy' Anmol said in a conversation with Samaj Times, 'This is a big dream for me, I am the first Nepali to achieve this success in American Taekwondo, I am also the first from the state of Michigan to coach the national taekwondo team and so far the youngest to coach the national team, this is a great success for me.”

Two players of the ATU national team coached by Anmol have been selected for the Pan American Games 2023. ATU players got this success based on their performance in the "President's Cup" held in Florida from August 18 to 21. The ranking of participating players in the President's Cup is maintained. World Taekwondo Association's G2 level competition. Athletes who have participated in the Olympics and World Championships also participate in it.
Hello Kenzo and Olivia Humanchik received wild cards for Pan America. Halo won the gold medal in the President's Cup. Similarly, Olivia got a wild card even after winning silver. Because in the final she was defeated by a Canadian player. Due to the fact that players from two different countries met in the finals, both of them received a wild card for the Pan American Games. At the President's Cup, 6 of ATU's 16 players won medals. Maya Chernolutsky, Victoria Chernolutsky, Nikolas Miljkovic and Kelly Viney won bronze medals.

"Both challenges and opportunities have come for me," said Anmol, "players from my school have been selected for the Pan American Games through the national team, there is also a need to prepare the players to get a positive result, the clash with the top players is interesting, prepare the players accordingly."