Tuesday, May 28, 2024

30 years of Cobweb in Nepali music - The 30’s


Kathmandu, 16 February (2023) - Nepal’s one of the most beloved rock bands, Cobweb celebrates 30 years in the Nepali Music fraternity this year. We are taking the occasion of this three-decade long journey of the band as a celebration together with a musical night of a diversified genre of both rock & folk.

Eighteen musicians will perform on the stage - all together for the ‘The 30’s’.

The performing artists are from different generations, backgrounds and genres. 

The musicians are, Cobweb, Kutumba, Sunit Kansakar ( Kanta Dab Dab ), Sudhir Acharya (Night Band), Aman Shahi ( Fusion Mantra), Nishant Shakya (Nanashi), Sugeem Shahi (The Apostles), Ashish Gurung ( Resonance of Roots), Rina Giri ( Cover Solution).

The show will take place on February 22, at the Bhandarkhal Garden, Patan Durbar Square, marking the band's 30th year of performing together, as a celebration with other legendary artists of the Nepali Music coming together. The show will feature classics, fan-favorite hits with a twist of folk-flavor giving fans a chance to hear their favorite numbers from the band, in an all new arrangement.

Cobweb, is one of the most beloved bands in the rock music scene today, having released eight albums which includes more than sixty songs, earned several awards, and performed in some of the biggest venues in the world.

Cobweb was formed in 1993 and has been an integral part of the Nepali music scene ever since. The band, at present, consists of Divesh Mulmi, Nilesh Joshi, Siddharth Dhakwa, Sanjay Aryal and Sujan Tandukar- all recognized for their unique sound and style.

Tickets for the show are LIVE on our ticketing partner’s digital platform, Khalti. The 30’s is organized by Bipin Shrestha from Munnaz Entertainment. The show is supported by the Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality and Patan Museum. The title sponsor of the show is Smirnoff (Nepal Liquors). The supporters of the events are The Everest Hotel, Guff & Puff & Live Works.