Sunday, May 28, 2023

English version of "Shramatan", a memoir by BN Joshi and translated by Arun Budhathoki published


Kathmandu, 29 March (2023) - Nirala Publications has announced the release of "Shramatan: A Nepalese Migrant Worker's Memoir" by Nepali author BN Joshi, translated into English by Arun Budhathoki.

"Shramatan" is a harrowing ride that millions of Nepalese take every day, a tale of 'coffin ships' that take them away from their humble hillside homes to a hostile world of uncertainty and misery.  

According to Yuyutsu Sharma, a world-renowned Himalayan poet, "'Shramatan' is a highly evocative, lived experience that can give its readers sleepless nights."

Nepalese novelist and travel writer BN Joshi was educated at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and has published two Nepali books, "Modern Beli," and "Shramatan." Joshi regularly contributes to national papers raising the issues of youth and labor migration. He lives in Kathmandu and works as Executive Director at Tamas, a private business company.

"Shramatan" is a flashback of the author’s life. The author, BN Joshi, was inspired to write the book after experiencing the harsh realities of foreign jobs in various countries. Joshi regularly contributes to national papers raising the issues of youth and labor migration.

Budhathoki's translation of Shramatan is a masterful work that retains the original's vividness and power. Budhathoki, an accomplished poet, fiction writer, journalist, and translator based in Canada, has authored two poetry books, ‘Edge’ and ‘Prisoner of an IPad’, and two fiction books, ‘Second in Love: Short Stories’, and ‘Going Home’. His work has appeared in several newspapers and journals, including Vice, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and Pratik.

"Shramatan is an important work that sheds light on the often-overlooked experiences of Nepalese migrant workers," says Budhathoki. "I translated this powerful book during the early days of the pandemic and it introduced me to the dreary world faced by Nepali people working abroad”.

“This was my first translated book and I am glad I had the chance to let the world know about the injustices and challenges that Nepali migrant workers face all over the world."

The book is now available on Amazon and Nirala Publications in paperback and eBook formats.