Friday, March 1, 2024

Yadea Nepal launches E8S Pro – Premium Electric Scooter


Kathmandu, 13 April 2023 - Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a sole distributor of Nepal, officially unveiled the must awaited Yadea E8S Pro – Electric Premium Scooter in all over Nepal.

The Yadea E8S Pro is a cutting-edge electric scooter that offers exceptional performance, comfort, and sustainability. Powered by a high-capacity Graphene battery, the E8S Pro boasts a top speed of 60km/h and a range of up to 150kms* on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for commuters and city dwellers seeking eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Yadea E8S Pro has reserve range of 3-5 km even after 0% battery. The Yadea E8S Pro comes with both front and rear disc brakes for efficient braking performance. Among its many impressive features, the Yadea E8S Pro offers an unparalleled leg space of 360mm, providing riders with boundless comfort and freedom. Yadea E8S Pro also features a powerful TIFAR motor, reaching a top speed of 60km/hr, delivering a maximum torque of 140N-m, and backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty* or 20000 Kms* (Whichever is earlier).

One of the standout features of the Yadea E8S is its impressive 32L bootspace, which is the largest on a two-wheeler in Nepal. Among its many impressive features, the Yadea E8S Pro boasts the largest boot-space on a two-wheeler in Nepal and an innovative cruise charging feature that allows riders to recharge while cruising.

 The launch of the Yadea E8S Pro in Nepal marks another milestone in KUZU Nepal Pvt. Ltd., expansion efforts, as the company continues to lead the electric mobility revolution across Nepal. With its innovative and high-quality products, KUZU Nepal Pvt. Ltd., aims to promote eco-friendly transportation options and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

“Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. After 20 years of rapid development, it has become a high-end electric two-wheeler vehicle man­ufacturer integrating the development, production and sales of electric bicycles, electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, and their accessories. Yadea is the largest manufacturer of high-end electric two-wheeler vehicles, and our global sales network covers more than 90 countries around the world, products include electric moped, Electric bicycle, electric tricycle and electric scooter.

The products are exported to more than 90 countries, such as European and the North American Continents. Global sales have been far ahead for 14 consecutive years. In 2019, Yadea global sales are the first to exceed 14 million units and are No.1 in global electric two-wheeler sales. There are 40,000+ stores worldwide with more than 40 million users and a market share of nearly 20%. In 2019 Yadea ranked first in the world in electric vehicle brands as per Euro monitor International. It also have 2 (2018, 2019) times Guinness world record for longest riding distance.

KUZU Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Yadea – Premium Electric Scooters' products in Nepal. With an extensive dealer network and 3S facilities, KUZU Nepal is committed to providing exceptional sales, service, and spare parts support to customers in Nepal. KUZU Nepal Pvt. Ltd., has a strong dealer in major cities across Nepal, including Kathmandu, Patan, Pokhara, Dang, and Narayangarh. Currently, they are selling more than 500 Yadea Premium Electric Scooters in all over Nepal, including popular models like the C1S, S Likes, and G5.

Yadea E8S Pro introductory price in Nepali market starts at Rs 2,30,000/- and prebooking for first 50 scooters At Rs 10,000.