Sunday, May 28, 2023

'Radha' being screened at La Femme Independent Film Festival


Kathmandu, 16 May (2023) - The number of Nepali films being nominated and screened at international film festivals continue to rise, with "The Secrets of Radha" being the latest one.

After 'Kalopothi', and 'Seto Surya' many films have been selected for the festivals while some have even won different awards.

Released last year, 'The Secrets of Radha' is currently participating in various festivals. Directed by Suwanar Thapa, this film has been nominated for the 'La Femme Independent Film Festival' being held in Cannes, France. 

According to director Thapa, it has been nominated in seven categories including script, direction, acting and cinematography. 

"La Femme Independent Film Festival" has been organized since 2005 with the aim of giving space to female filmmakers and female characters. "The aim of our Festival is to support all the women to work in the field of cinema, to screen all the films that discuss stories or issues about or for women or made by women", says the official website of the film festival.

Actress Shristi Shrestha is playing the lead role in film 'The Secrets of Radha', based on a story of women's endurance. The festival is coming to a close on May 23.