Sunday, May 28, 2023

Yugkabi's birth anniversary marked


Kathmandu, 24 May (2023) - The Nepal Academy organized a tribute-paying ceremony on Tuesday to observe the 112th birth anniversary of Yugkabi, Siddicharan Shrestha. 

Floral offerings were made to his statute on the premises of the Academy at Kamaladi, Kathmandu. Shrestha's contributions to the enrichment of Nepali language and literature were also highlighted at the programme organized on the occasion. 

Academy Chancellor Bhupal Rai said the literary creations of Yugkabi Shrestha for the establishment of democracy in the country were instrumental in making the people aware for struggle for social justice at the moment. 

Noted literary writer Bairagi Kainla said literary creations of Yugkabi were still spectacular and live and urged the new generation to recognize his contributions to the Nepali language and literature. 

Academy member Baba Basnet said Yugkabi's literatures were focused on sensitizing the people for their rights while calling for further research on his literary writings. 

On the occasion, popular songs and poems of the prominent literary figure Shrestha were presented.