Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Budget fails to address demands of education sector: NNTA


Kathmandu, 30 May (2023) - The Nepal National Teachers' Association (NNTA) has said the budget for the fiscal year, 2023/24 has failed to address its demands and agreements with the government. 

It has rued 'failure' to increase investment in education stating that investment in education means to fulfil the international commitments to education and provide rights to equitable, inclusive and quality public education as per the spirit of the constitution.  

Programmes have not been brought on the issues relating to school employees, private school, then higher secondary school, early childhood education, teachers on a relief and contract quota, volunteers, nurses, learning subsidy, school employees appointed by local levels, and service, facilities, perks and social security of technical school teachers, blamed the NNTA General Secretary Hamsha Shahi.