What angered Minister Yadav?

Ishwor Aryal


Kathmandu, 20 November (2019) – Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Yadav is the one who has generated buzz in cabinet reshuffle talks.

PM KP Sharma Oli is said to be dissatisfied with the performance of many ministers who are rumoured to be sacked but Minister Yadav is disgruntled with the PM.

With rumours of the impending sack, Yadav has met party co-chair Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” twice.

But he has not got the opportunity to meet PM Oli. Yadav arrived at Kathmandu after long stay in the Tarai.

Yadav took rest at minister quarters till Monday morning. He did not go to the ministry. He met Chairman Prachanda that day.

Prachanda’s secretariat had consulted with Yadav before publishing a statement that the PM has full jurisdiction about changing the ministers.

Some ministers approached Prachanda on Monday to request him to have their posts retained. Minister of Energy Barsha Man Pun and Minister of Transport Raghubir Mahaseth were among them.

That time Prachanda asked Matrika Yadav if he had anything to say.

“There is no reason for me to stay as the minister,” a leader close to Yadav quoted him to Lokantar. “The PM may be unhappy with other ministers but I am unhappy with him.”

Yadav has not gone to his office after that.

PM KP Oli revealed in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday evening that he was about to reshuffle the cabinet formally.

“Some of you may retain your post, some of you may be relieved of your duties, please don’t take otherwise,” PM Oli said.

Yadav deliberately missed that meeting. “I am about to quit, what is the point in attending the meeting,” reacted Yadav.

Following the cabinet meeting, Yadav’s name featured on the list of the ones to be sacked.

“He was stress-free the whole time,” one person close to Yadav said. “He must have been mentally prepared to face the sack. He will vacate the ministers’ quarter if the reshuffle decision is announced today.”

Prachanda called Yadav to his residence at Khumaltar Wednesday morning. “Have you anything to say?” Prachanda asked him.

Yadav said,” There is nothing to say. I am ready to quit.”

“May I talk with the PM?” Prachanda asked.

Yadav reiterated his stance and said, “Don’t talk with him. Now I will work for the party. There is no point in occupying the chair when no one hears me out.”

Yadav is waiting for the instructions to leave ministers’ quarters.