PM Oli suffers from multiple diseases yet keeps going because of his strong willpower

Ishwor Aryal


Kathmandu, 28 November (2019) – Prof. Dr. Uttam Krishna Shrestha, Executive Director of Manmohan Cardiothorasic Vascular and Transplant Centre, issued a press note on Thursday morning informing that PM KP Sharma Oli is gradually recuperating.

The hospital has been providing information about the PM’s health status every day.

The PM was brought to the hospital on Tuesday after he complained about stomach pain from Monday evening. A quick appendicitis surgery was performed Tuesday. Surgeons involved in the procedure said that his appendix had burst and infection had spread to other parts of the stomach.

PM Oli is being treated inside the intensive care unit following the surgery. He came to after some hours of the surgery but was kept in ventilator till Wednesday morning. That day he non-verbally communicated with the doctors and his family.

Seeing the progress in his health, he was removed from the ventilator Wednesday afternoon. He then took black tea and juice. He was given soft rice (jaulo) Thursday afternoon.

A month ago on 30 October the PM was taken to Grande Hospital all of a sudden. That time the PM’s secretariat was accused of hiding information.

The secretariat team said that he was taken to hospital for regular check-up. But actually he was treated in the ICU. Dialysis was performed and then he was admitted to the hospital for a day.

But the secretariat team continued to say that it was just a regular check-up. On 31 October, NCP Co-Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” went to meet him and only then the news of dialysis formally came out.

The same day another dialysis was carried out and he was discharged in the evening.

This situation has changed now. The hospital has been publicizing press note about the PM’s health update. Not only the doctors involved in the treatment but the secretariat team are accessible to the media.

Multiple attacks

Both the kidneys of the PM had stopped working 12 years ago. A transplant was carried out at that time. The transplanted kidney worked for 12 years. Even if the kidney was functional, many diseases continued attacking him.

In July 2007, Oli had his kidney transplantation at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. He used to go there every six months for follow up. On November 4, 2012 both of his lungs were under stress due to pneumonia. He was taken to Medanta Hospital in New Delhi on air ambulance. He was treated in the hospital for a month and half.

At the time of Constituent Assembly elections in 2013, he exerted himself a lot. His hands and legs started swelling. He took medicines for uric acid but the health did not improve. Then he was taken to Max Hospital in New Delhi.

A month and a half after that he fell ill. Fever and vomiting went beyond control. He was taken to the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. The hospital referred him to a hospital in Thailand. He was diagnosed of meningitis.

He was severely ill at that time and people had started to guess that he will not return to active politics. But he returned to politics and became more active than in the past. He became chairman of the then CPN (UML) and later became the PM. It made him busy and active.

PM Oli fell ill many times meanwhile but took it lightly. In October 2018, his lungs were infected and he was treated at the Teaching Hospital for few days.

Many diseases attacked PM Oli after the kidney transplant but he remained uptight. Doctors say that it is a pleasant surprise.

His kidney became weak in August. Creatinine rapidly increased in his body after the kidney stopped functioning. Then he went to National University Hospital at Singapore and made preparations for plasmapheresis. The next month he went to the same hospital for the procedure.

Two months after the plasmapheresis, his kidney kept functioning normally. But on October 30, his body started to swell. Then he was taken to Grande Hospital.

Two dialyses were carried out on him there and he was discharged the next day. He is having regular dialysis after that.

On Tuesday he suffered from appendicitis. Quick surgery was carried out. He is gradually recuperating after that. Regular dialysis has continued.

Nephrologist Dr. Rishi Kumar Kafle says that the PM has to transplant the kidney once again but the risk has increased after appendicitis surgery.

Dr. Kafle said that the PM has been able to fight the diseases in such an old age (68 years) because his willpower is very strong.