Thursday, September 23, 2021

CPN (Unified Socialist) to follow people's multi-party democracy


Kathmandu, 24 August (2021) - The newly formed party--CPN (Unified Socialist) has set a goal to move forward on the path of socialism by protecting the norms and values of people's multi-party democracy. 

The two-day meeting of proposed central committee members and lawmakers of the party held at Chandragiri passed the party's statute. Some members, including Madhav Kumar Nepal, have left the CPN (UML) and formed a new party, the CPN (Unified Socialist). 

The CPN (UML) also has adopted the people's multi-party democracy as its guiding principle. 

It is believed that freedom with equality could be achieved by ending oppression and discrimination, and the party statute mentioned that party's strategic goal is scientific socialism. 

The statute mentioned that building a basis for socialism along with social justice and democratic norms and values by developing national capitalism with country's socio and economic transformation through peaceful struggle and democratic means are the short-term goals of the party. 

Talking to media persons after the meeting, Chairperson of the party, Madhav Kumar Nepal, said that a new party has been formed rebelling against wrong tendencies, ideas and values. 

Also the former Prime Minister, Nepal, clarified that they had to revolt as the CPN (UML) leadership did not follow any rules and regulations. 

The Election Commission has set August 25 as the deadline to verify the application as the party has given application at EC for registration of new party on August 18 as per the new ordinance relating to political party.  

There would be 151-member central committee including 115 full members with 17 office-bearers comprising one chairperson, one senior leader, seven vice-chairpersons, one general-secretary and seven secretaries as well as 36 alternative members.