Friday, June 21, 2024

Foreign relations in jeopardy


The fate of 21 people selected as Nepal's ambassadors to different countries three months ago has become uncertain now as the government that recommended their names is to face no-confidence motion. It is clear that the new government replacing Oli will not send those same names to the parliamentary hearing process. Especially, people recommended as envoys due to their loyalty to individual parties are in risk of not getting the post. The move to establish party loyalists to plum posts, disregarding educational qualifications and experiences, had invited derisions.

Only the experienced government officers who have passed public service examinations and taken different training can operate foreign missions and bilateral ties effectively. Representatives to the United Nations bear the responsibility of resolving multilateral diplomatic challenges.

Politically appointed ambassadors are there in the missions to add value only. But that too demands skills, ability and commitment. All these qualities are hardly found in average political activists. That is why political leaders in the new government have to use their discretion in selecting Nepal's envoy to foreign states.

Diplomatic experts say that vacancy of the post of ambassador in friendly states means that Nepal does not want to have relations with these countries. Can Nepal fulfill its international duties with such a policy of indifference? Should not Nepal government remain alert to keep sensitive relationship with China and India in balance, given our geographical location?

We have been hearing from our leaders that the country is in transition and crisis. But they do not seem to have realized that foreign ties should be given due importance to take the country of out of such situation. If the embassies that spend millions for maintenance each year remain ineffective, what is their necessity in the first place? The government cannot afford any delay in providing due solution to this problem.