Thursday, August 11, 2022

Literati discuss 'Mochan' from diverse lens


Kathmandu, 24 June (2022) - A literary discussion has been held recently on 'Mochan' a Nepali novel penned by Dr Tulsi Acharya in Pokhara.

At the discussion organized by the Himalayan Reader's Corner, the literati commented the book from various lens.

Noted litterateur Sarubhakta said there is post-modern thought that after the publication of books, writer's thoughts are dead and the book is open to readers for multiple interpretations. "Mochan can also be observed from various perspectives," he said, encouraging Dr Acharya for further literary creation. 

Similarly, Chairperson of the Nepali Writer's Association, Tirtha Shrestha, made the audience clear about the importance of fiction. Not only for the language and literature, such fictions are required to highlight science too.  He however expressed worry why the State was not responsible towards protecting and promoting literature. 

Journalist at the Annapurna Post daily, Gopikrishna Dhungana, viewed reading Acharya's novel 'Mochan' is like watching a film. How the social and cultural barriers are broken due to global migration is vividly shown in this book. Liberation and freedoms foster and change dimensions of love, it is what the novel explains, he added.

Writer Dr Acharya also admitted that it is critics' role to evaluate the literary publication, which he believes, also make the writers responsible.

Love, relations, contexts and western cultural influence largely prevail in the novel, 'Mochan' (redemption).