Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Unity in Health Nepal starts art exhibition – “Prithivi, the World in Me”


Kathmandu, 4 September (2022) - Unity in Health Nepal has started an art exhibition – “Prithivi, the World in Me” on Saturday.

The exhibition features the creations of acclaimed Nepalese artist Shivangini Rana where she uses the colours and tones that define the beauty of planet earth.

The organizer Unity in Health Nepal says, "At a time where humankind is finally embracing its duty to care for planet Earth, through Shivangini’s metaphoric work we are reminded of the equal importance of looking after our minds, our souls, ourselves and the world in us."

International Life Coach, Therapist and Healer Naureen Lari inaugurated the exhibition.

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs' Forum (NYEF), Kathmandu Chapter, and Villa 72 restaurant are supporting this art exhibition in order to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in Nepal.

The exhibition will run till 10 September at Villa 72, Uttar Dokha, Kathmandu.

About Unity in Health Nepal

Unity in Health Nepal is an organization with the mission to improve the quality of care for people affected by mental illness in Nepal. We do so by training local nurses and other healthcare workers, as well as by establishing mental health walk-in clinics for people who have no access to mental health facilities, especially in remote regions of Nepal. Our passion lies in unleashing the potential of nurses and community workers and supporting them in their role of shaping and improving mental healthcare available to some of the Nepal’s poorest communities.

Right now, thousands of people in Nepal are struggling to cope with mental illness but are not receiving the care and support they desperately need. At Unity in Health Nepal, we are determined to change this injustice by providing training to healthcare professionals, educating local people about good mental health, and raising awareness of this critical but neglected issue.

As a registered charity we rely solely on donations to fund our life-changing projects. One such effort in this direction is the art exhibition – “Prithivi, the World in Me” – by acclaimed Nepalese artist Shivangini Rana where she uses the colours and tonnes that define the beauty of our planet. Her work blends earthy colours with abstract shapes, revealing intricate relationships like those between our feelings, thoughts and emotions.