Thursday, October 6, 2022

'Commissions failed to deliver as per expectations'


Kathmandu, 22 September (2022) - The Commissions established with the objective of protecting and promoting the civic rights and ensuring proportional distributions of opportunities achieved through political movements failed to deliver as per the expectations.   

The majority of participants of a programme entitled 'constitutionalism and the role of constitutional bodies in democracy' here today were of the view that   most of constitutional bodies required reforms and needed to work more to meet expectations. 

'Though the presence of  the Election Commission, Public Service Commission, Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Auditor General provided no space to raise questions in regard with their performance, the Commissions established after the 2015 Constitution are yet to focus on addressing the people's aspirations," it is said. 

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that the Commission office- bearers had roles and responsibilities on a par with its employees during election times. "But at usual time, the situation is different," he said, underlining of need of equal allocations of jobs and responsibilities among the people concerned.   

He pressed an idea of having a mechanism for regular dialogues among the Commissions, cooperation and sharing experiences with each other.  

National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission Chair Balananda Poudel said," There is a clash between the rights and power in every area and the efficiency of the Commission established to address such issue is needed." 

As he complained, the Commission has not yet got an agreement in principle to draft its laws and the government is yet to realise the gravity and essence of the Commission. 

Madhesi Commission Chair Dr Vijay Kumar Dutta said the Commission welcomed three secretaries in two months. The lack of stability of human resources is one the factors causing obstructions in its functions. His grudge was that the Commissions established after the Constitution were facing discriminations since their establishment. 

 The commission's performance was not as expected for want of budget, said Chair of the Tharu Commission Bishnu Chaudhary. However, the National Assembly member Kamala Panta viewed that the Commission had its responsibility to deliver effective service even with a limited budget. Commissions established for inclusive and proportional representation should make and implement effective policies and programmes, advised former Minister Ganesh Sah. 

Also, outgoing members of the House of Representatives Chhaka Bahadur Lama and Sher Bahadur Lama emphasised the expansion of the roles of commissions.