Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hamro Pay and Hamro Remit integrate for faster remittance service


Kathmandu, 13 April (2023) – Hamro Patro announces the integration of its two services, Hamro Pay and Hamro Remit, starting from the 1st Baisakh of the new year 2080. This integration will enable users to receive remittances sent through Hamro Remit directly into their Hamro Pay wallets within half an hour. If users send money to the HamroPay wallet from the Hamro Patro Remit account, they will receive a bonus of Rs. 100. This offer will be valid until Baishakh 7.

Since its launch in September 2021, Hamro Remit has been facilitating money transfers from the United States to Nepal. With plans to expand to Australia in May, the service aims to accommodate more Nepalese living abroad.

As per Hamro Patro, if a Nepali living in the United States sends money using a card through Hamro Patro, the funds will be deposited in the Hamro Pay wallet within 30 minutes. Efforts are also ongoing to incorporate remittances from other remittance companies into Hamro Pay.

The Hamro Pay digital wallet, launched on the 5th of Falgun, is available within the Hamro Patro app and does not require a separate mobile app. The platform is being developed as a super app, incorporating various services for the convenience of its users. These services include mobile top-ups, payment to merchants connected to Nepal QR, and payment of electricity, water, television, and internet bills.

With easy money-loading options through mobile banking, internet banking, and connect IPS, the app also offers features such as 'Split Money' for sharing and paying bills with friends, 'Ask Money' to request loans, and support for multiple languages, including English and Nepali.

Hamro Pay users can also track and analyze their expenses by category, set spending limits, and access lives chat support for any assistance.