Friday, November 27, 2020

Baja Nepal plans to use biology to preserve traditional music



Kathmandu, 21 April (2019) - Baja Nepal, winner of Hult Prize Purbanchal University 2018/19, is planning to adopt unique approach to preserve Nepali traditions. It plans to use biology to preserve traditional music.

Baja Nepal is in a mission to provide employment to a huge number of traditional musicians within a decade. It is a digital to provide platform to traditional musicians for different events and ceremonies.

The company which was started few months back is registering traditional musicians in its platform through official agreements. It has already registered 300 traditional musicians till now. The company will provide bands of traditional musicians for any kind of events in an affordable price.

“When we were doing research on traditional musical instruments and their conditions, we realized the importance of discovering new method to save them from extinction. I found that biology can help preserve traditional music,” says Sudarshan GC, student of biology and one of the founders of Baja Nepal.

Music has been traditionally used in Nepal for healing different physical and mental disorders. Shamans have used local musical instruments for years.

Different research papers have given strong evidence about positive effect of music for healthier and happier life. Most scientific research have found the positive correlation between music and neurotransmitters.

Baja Nepal is planning to do research on effects of sound produced by locally-used musical instruments (bajas) on human behaviour along with awareness on importance of traditional music.

“Our ancestors have felt the effects of music, so there must be something behind that. If we can prove it or make people aware about it, we can promote our Nepali bajas too,” says the founder of Baja Nepal.